Friday, March 23, 2018

Your Dirty Mind

Your Dirty Mind...

I'm talking to you.

(and me)

You who has been accused of having a dirty mind - unclean thoughts.

(me too)

I'd like to take this idea off of the table – the idea that your thoughts are like muddy footprints on the china. We can take this very same earth and make a ceramic vessel from which you would be proud to pour tea, but in this context or that, it is evil and unsavory.

Water can be dirty, I suppose. Unclean. If it is polluted with chemical runoff or parasites, but even then, it isn't evil.

I'd like to assert that you aren't either.

The thoughts you have? The ones The People tell you are dirty? These are not true statements, unless you're a potter or a gardener or an archeologist and you are fantasizing about your craft. Or maybe, like me, you have a private fondness for the landscaping stores with all sorts of ground cover and rocks, neatly sorted into likened piles?

But if you're thinking about food, or sex, these thoughts are not dirty or bad. What a disservice I've done to myself by labeling ideas in such a way. My Ayurvedic practitioner says the poisonous thoughts I think while I'm eating will do more damage than the nature of the thing itself, even if I'm eating hot dogs and cotton candy.

I have found this idea to feel true.

The trick is what I allow to become me, and what I let pass through.

And, in truth, my work is to allow myself to eat, and forgive myself my trespasses and the pleasures I've denied myself by sealing off everything that ever touched the earth.

I love your dirty thoughts.

(for the record)

(so can you)

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