Thursday, July 4, 2013

Everything Worth Keeping is Worth Passing On

Today is Independence Day (no matter when you read this). In the US, we celebrate the people who took a stand against an oppressive power and said ENOUGH.

But it isn't what I think of when asserting independence.

I think of the time I crossed the street without holding anyone's hand, took the long way just to spite the short way, or turned my back on a clique who said I "had" to do something insane to be a part of the club. Sometimes this action was sidestepping oppression, and sometimes it was in gratitude to those who had brought me so far.

I also think of the yoga teachers I teach and the times they do the same to me. Step away, do something ornery or otherwise break the bond. They might say thanks, or storm off into the sunset, but either way our time together comes to an end. This is a good thing.

Independence is growing up, the realization that your greatest teacher resides within.

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With each interaction we have the opportunity to find something worth keeping. Maybe there are pearls and gems that easily snuggle into your treasure chest, and some probably need some polishing first. Others sit in the back of the closet until one day you realize they were actually worth a thing or two and tuck them safely into your pockets. Some are discarded.

Everything worth keeping is worth passing on.

Today, I honor my teachers. Each lesson learned has informed my practice, my teaching, and my life. Here are some of my (yogish) gems:

"Be where your butt is and breathe." ~ Anne Lamott

"The more you seek security, the more suffering. You can either be free or die trying to be safe." ~ Anand Mehotra

"What if you agreed to be on the same team as your body?" ~Kathryn Budig

"Before I tumble into fear, I think, 'Who is showing up wanting me to fail?'" ~ Gina Caputo

"You can't stay well without telling - and living - the truth." ~ Martha Beck

"You have all been a mother in another lifetime." ~ Katie Wise


"Ever since happiness heard your name it has been running through the streets trying to find you." ~ Hafiz

Thanks for going before me, for sharing, and for shaking me up.

Niralambaya Tejase
[Independent and filled with eternal grace]