Monday, June 23, 2014

Gravity and the Great Beyond

A couple of months ago I watched the preview for the movie "Gravity" with my mother. We thought it might be a nice award-winning flick to rent.

Except that the preview gave us both heart palpitations.

There Sandra Bullock was, floating freely in open space: unsecured, unbound, and screaming bloody murder. It's what all of us would do in the same circumstance, and that's what made me break out into a cold sweat. Being separate is totally unnatural. Spinning wildly out of control with no ground, no foundation, no anchor? It's what makes us panic in open water, what makes lifeguards quake in their shorts. When we've got no attachment, when we feel like we're drowning, we grasp and hold tight to anything we can reach.

Heavenly bodies have this same problem and simply don't operate in chaos. They lapse into a dance of close and far, but stay connected by a seamless tether. Moons and planets, planets and stars, and even the planets themselves spend time getting closer together, and then time on their own, before coming back right where they were to start yet again.

No cord connects them, but they dance.

I think about this often now, and it helps to remember that I'm on Earth and that the connection I have with this supreme Mother is equal and steady. Without judgement, she pulls as hard on me as I do on her, and we stick together even as we both dance.

When I start to lose my connection and allow my spirit and soul to wander into new orbits, I come back to my mat. My feet. My trust that she's got me, and that no matter how lost I feel, I always have her beneath my bare feet.

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